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Rules for the 2012 Hershey Invitational

At the coach's registration meeting on Friday night, each team must submit to the Tournament Committee their credentials to include player passes, medical release forms for each player, an official sealed team roster for verification, and a permission to travel form signed by their National State Association (if required by the state association). These credentials will be submitted to the Tournament Committee and/or their designated representatives.

No protests will be entertained. The tournament directors, who will have the right to exclude a team, coach, player(s), or parent(s) not acting in accordance with the tournament rules or policies, will handle all penalties. The decision of the directors is final.

All spectators, players, and coaches are expected to respect the tournament rules, facility rules, and any applicable local, state, and federal laws. This includes the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco products from being used/consumed at any tournament site. This will be strictly enforced throughout the weekend. Any violators will be reported to the Tournament Directors and will be subject to expulsion from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Directors. The Tournament Directors thank all fans and participants for their cooperation.


The Tournament will be played in accordance with USSF/FIFA rules, with the following additions and exceptions.

1. ROSTER � The following maximum roster size schedule will be followed and enforced:

U9-U10: 14 players (8v8)
U11+: 18 players (11v11)

Three guest players are allowed. Players can only play for one team at the tournament. Each team is required to submit their roster via the website after notification of being accepted. An original State-Approved roster must be present at Sign-In for verification purposes only.

No player may be rostered on more than one team during the tournament.

2. LINE-UP - Winning coaches must sign the game card at the completion of a match. Coaches must surrender player/coach passes of ejected players/coaches to the field marshal following the completion of the game. Ejected players/coaches passes may be picked-up from Tournament Headquarters or a designated location determined by the Tournament Directors.

3. UNIFORMS - All players on a team must wear similar jerseys and each jersey must be numbered distinctively, with no number being repeated (including the goalkeeper). Teams are requested to bring alternate jerseys. Where teams have the same color jerseys, the team listed first in the game schedule will be designated as the home team and will be asked to change jersey. All players must wear shin guards when playing in a match. Stockings/socks must be worn in the pulled up position covering the shin pads or guards and shirts/jerseys must be tucked into the shorts.


U9-U10: 2-25 min halves, small field
U11+: 2-25 min halves, large field

Minor adjustments may be made to these times prior to the start of the tournament. Coaches will be informed if this is necessary. Teams are expected to play at the scheduled starting time for each game. If a team has seven players available, play will begin (5 players for U-9/10). Any team more than ten minutes late will forfeit the game and have their score recorded at a minus one point. The other team will be given three points for a win by a 3-0 margin. The tournament directors reserve the right to extend the 10 minute grace period if extraordinary conditions exist.

5. GAME DELAYS - Any game which must be stopped due to unplayable field conditions will be resumed as soon as possible at a time and field location designated by the Tournament Directors. If games cannot be played on one or more days, the games will not be made up and standings will be determined by all other games played.

6. GAME BALL - A Size 4 ball will be used for U-09, U-10, U-11, and U-12 age groups; all others will use a Size 5 ball. The game ball will be provided by the visiting team and must be approved by the referee. The tournament balls which are given to the coaches at the Friday night meeting should be used unless both coaches agree to use a replacement, which would also need to be approved by the referee.

7. SUBSTITUTIONS � Unlimited substitution for both teams on goal kicks, goals scored, and half-time. Unlimited substitution on throw-ins for the team with possession. Limited - if an injured player(s) is replaced, the opposing team may substitute an equal number.

8. EJECTIONS - A substitute may not be sent in for an ejected player nor may an ejected player be a substitute. An ejected player or coach is ineligible for the next scheduled game. A player ejected for fighting COULD BE deemed ineligible for further tournament play by the Tournament Directors.

9. REFEREES � All games will be officiated under the three (3) referee system; one referee and two (2) assistant referees. All will be USSF-licensed referees.

10. STANDINGS - The order of finish will be determined by the number of points accumulated. Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie, zero (0) points for a loss, and minus one (-1) for a forfeit. If two teams have an equal number of points, the order of finish will be decided as follows:

a. Result of head to head competition (game between the teams in question). In the event of a three-way tie, this tie-breaker will be omitted. Once the first team in a three-way tie is determined, head-to-head competition will be used to determine the next order of finish.

b. Goal difference in all games, with a maximum of three in each game (This is the first tie-breaker in a three-way tie).

c. Fewest goals allowed, with no maximum.

d. Most goals scored, with a maximum of three in each game.

e. Penalty Kick Contest (as noted below).

11. PENALTY KICK CONTEST RULES - The tournament directors shall set the time and place for penalty kick contests. Any team more than ten minutes late for such contest without consent from the directors shall be declared loser of the contest.
Prior to the start of the penalty kick contest, coaches shall choose 11 players who shall take kicks (8 players for U9 & U10), one of whom shall be a goalkeeper. Of these, five (one of whom may or may not be the goalkeeper) shall be chosen to take kicks as described in "c" below. The remaining six players shall take kicks, if necessary, as described in "e", below. No additional players shall be considered eligible to kick, except for injury as described in Rule 7.

a. The referee will choose the goal at which all kicks will be taken.

b. The winner of coin toss will take first kick.

c. Each team shall take five (5) kicks alternately.

d. If before both teams have taken five (5) kicks, one has scored more than the other could, the taking of kicks shall cease.

e. If after both teams have taken five (5) kicks, both have the same number of goals or not scored any goals, the taking of kicks shall continue until both have taken an equal number of kicks and one has scored a goal more than the other.

f. Each kick shall be taken by a different player which shall include the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper was not among the first five kickers.

g. Not until all eligible players have kicked may a player of the same team take a second kick.

12. ADVANCEMENT � Final round match-ups will be determined from the round-robin standings. The top teams from each bracket will advance.

13. PLAY-OFF GAMES - If the game is tied at the end of regulation time: Two (2) sudden death (golden goal) periods of 5 minutes each will be played.
If the game is still tied after the overtime period, penalty kicks will be taken as indicated in rule 11 until a winner is determined.

14. TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION - In the event of inclement weather or any other "act of God" which would prevent continuation of the games, the tournament will be canceled. Partial refund checks will be mailed to each team contact on file once all obligations are paid in full at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

15. WITHDRAWS - All teams withdrawing from the tournament after registering will forfeit a $50 non-refundable application fee. Teams withdrawing after their acceptance may forfeit up to 100% of their registration fee.


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