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Can I make payment by check?
We do not accept paper checks. However, we do accept "Electronic Checks". An electronic check works much like a regular check, only instead of using a paper check to provide your bank account, routing number and payment authorization, you provide us with the necessary payment information on our secure website and then we process the information electronically.
Can I make payment by credit or debit card?
Absolutely. In fact, this is the online method of payment.
Can I make payment with cash?
No. Kicks 4 Kids does not accept cash registration payments. Cash donations are allowed during tournament weekend for small donations. Large donations need to be made by a check or money order.
Can our team play in an older age group?
Yes, but all of the coaches in the older age group must approve before we will move your team up. Generally coaches do not object, but some teams feel that the competition level of the group goes down as younger teams are added (or maybe they just don't like getting beat by a younger team!)
When does the applicaiton process open and close?
Applications for the tournament will be accepted online at this website from the morning of Monday, January 3 until midnight of Monday, March 28, 2011.
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Bracketing/Team Selection
Am I guaranteed a spot in the tournament if I apply and pay?
No, we cannot guarantee your team a spot in the tournament. We look at all of the teams that have applied and then determine which teams would make the best tournament. After our registration closes we take a few days to analyze the teams and then announce acceptance. For actual dates, click on "Important Dates and Deadlines" under the "News and Weather" section of the first page of this website to view the calendar.

We consider the below factors when accepting a team, in no specific order.
(1) Timely application
(2) Skill level of team compared to the skill level of the other teams that have applied (we try to avoid lopsided games)
(3) Geographic area of other teams (we try to keep our groups diverse so you are not playing teams that you play during your regular league season)
(4) Past involvement with the Kicks 4 Kids tournaments
When will accepted teams be announced?
Monday, April 11, 2011.
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Do you give 1st and 2nd place trophies to U9 and U10 teams?
No. We are supporting the USYSA initiative that recommends that all U9/U10 players receive a participation award instead of trophies for the finalist. Championship matches will still be played in all age groups.
How many guest players are allowed?
We allow three guest players per team. There will be no exceptions. Players with secondary passes do not count against your guest limit.
Will you be hosting an 8v8 division for U11 or U12 teams?
No. We realize a lot of leagues are adopting the USYSA recommendation for U11/U12 leagues to move toward an 8v8 format. However, a majority of the teams that have participated in the Hershey tournament in the past are from leagues that are still playing 11v11 at this age group. As such, we don't think there would be enough interest to host an 8v8 division at this time.

If an 8v8 team would like to participate in our tournament as an 11v11 team, we would allow them 4 extra guest players in order to bring their roster up from 14 to 18. These 4 players would be in addition to the 3 we already allow, therefore allowing a total of 7 (as long as you stay under the 18 roster maximum).

We also host an 8v8 tournament on August 6-7, 2011, on the Penn State Campus in State College, PA. We use small-sided fields, full sized goals, and no offside. It is a very fast, fun, and high scoring game. To register, go to Over 100 teams participated last year in this rapidly expanding tournament.
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How do I order Hersheypark Tickets?
We will begin selling discount tickets immediately after team acceptance is announced. Payment will be made by credit/debit card online.
Your team Acceptance Packet has the specific information about our ticket sales for this year.
It is important to note that Hersheypark Tickets ordered through Kicks 4 Kids are not refundable for any reason at any time.
I heard we can use our Hersheypark ticket to get into the park for free the night before we go to the park?
Yes, You can get free entry into the park the night before you are planning on using your tickets. This free "preview" starts at 7:30 pm and is good until closing at 10 pm.
I want to register for the tournament, but do not know how many Hersheypark tickets I want to purchase yet. Can I register now and purchase tickets later?
Yes! We will start collecting orders for Hersheypark Tickets after distributing Team Acceptance Packets.
What are the Hersheypark admission hours?
The park is open from 10 am to 10 pm.
Do teams have to pay referee fees?
No, the registration fee covers the cost of referees for the entire weekend.
I was not able to get a chance to order action photos during tournament weekend. Can I order photos now?
Absolutely! The photography vendor was Carmo Photography (Carlisle, PA). You may visit their website, call their business phone number (717.240.0903), or email orders. They typically post information on our events the Wednesday following the tournament weekend.
If my team already has medical release forms from our league play do we need to fill out the tournament's release form?
No, as long as the coach has current and signed release form for each player at the tournament there is no need to use our form.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
When will the schedules be posted?
Click on "Important Dates and Deadlines" under the "News and Weather" section of the first page of this website to view the calendar.
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I am filling out a permission to travel form and I need to know who the tournament director is...
Please use the following: Jeff Steiner, 19 Colonnade Way Ste 117 #252, State College, PA 16803, 866-596-9617,
We want to camp in our RV for the weekend, are there any close campgrounds?
There are two nearby campgrounds:
(1) Hershey Highmeadow Campground (717-534-8999)
(2) Hershey Conewago Campground (717-367-1179)
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What should I bring to the registration meeting?
An original state-approved roster, player passes, and medical release forms for each player. The medical release forms do not need to be tournament specific and they do not need to be notarized.
When / Where is the registration?
Mandatory Coaches' Registration Meeting will be held at the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center on the evening of Friday, June 17th. If the coach cannot attend, a team manager or parent is acceptable. Each team must be represented, sorry we cannot make exceptions. Boys teams will register anytime between 6:30 and 7:30 PM. Girls teams will register anytime between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. In addition to the registration, there will be a 20 minute presentation that repeats every 30 minutes. A team represenative must attend the presentation.
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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